Congratulations on your admission to USC for the spring semester! Our team is here to support you during your transition to our university. We offer events to assist you with determining and finalizing your plans for the fall, as well as provide resources to help guide you through selecting transfer coursework.

Both our full-time staff and our Spring Admit Ambassadors are also available to answer any questions you have, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We understand that you may need assistance with finalizing your plans for the fall before enrolling at USC. Below are the virtual spring and summer events that can help you plan and answer any questions you may have.

In early May, you will be able to sign up for these events through your applicant portal. Reservations will be available to all spring admitted students who submitted an intent to enroll or enrollment commitment deposit.

Community College Information Sessions

Attending a community college this fall? In this session, we will discuss transfer credits and course planning at a community college. Navigating the community college enrollment process will also be covered.

RSVP through your applicant portal.


Study Abroad Pre-Departure Programs

Students planning to enroll at a study abroad agreement institution are invited to learn more about preparing for a semester abroad. Topics such as travel documents, packing and course planning will be covered.

RSVP through your applicant portal.


Spring Admit Course Planning Appointments

We invite you to schedule a 20-minute one-on-one appointment with our Spring Admission Program staff to discuss your fall plans and get your questions answered.

RSVP through your applicant portal.


Spring Admit Ambassadors

USC’s Spring Admit Ambassador Program is composed of current USC students who were once spring admits themselves. Our ambassadors are a great resource for providing the student perspective on the spring admit experience.

Meet our ambassadors and schedule an appointment to chat online!

Documents and Publications

Below you will find publications and copies of event presentations that may be relevant to your fall plans.

Course Planning

We understand that many spring admits choose to enroll in college coursework in the fall. Below are some resources and guidelines to follow as you make your enrollment plans.

If you are attending a California community college:

USC’s articulation agreements with California community colleges will show you which classes transfer and how they will transfer to USC. You can find your institution from the drop-down menu provided on the website.

If you are attending an out-of-state community college:

Although USC does not maintain articulation agreements with out-of-state community colleges, most courses that will transfer to the major four-year, public institutions in your state will transfer to USC. Please feel free to email if you need help with course selection.

If you are attending a four-year institution or study abroad agreement school as a non-degree-seeking or visiting student:

USC’s articulation histories with four-year schools will show you which courses have been accepted in transfer in the past and are likely to be accepted now. This includes courses at our preferred study abroad institutions. If a course is not listed, however, it means it has not been evaluated by USC’s Undergraduate Transfer Credit Services and may or may not transfer.

Standardized Exams:

It is possible to satisfy some General Education requirements through AP, IB, or A-Level exams. Visit our Exam Credit page to see which categories can be fulfilled by exam credit.

Interactive Planning Guide:

For many institutions, the interactive Transfer Planning Guide (TPG) will display courses that have been evaluated and earn subject credit or satisfy lower-division requirements for the selected major. The TPG does not contain a complete list of courses or colleges. If your intended school or courses are not listed, please use the articulation agreements, histories and resources above to plan your courses.

Spring Admit Pre-Approval Form:

Lastly, you should use the Spring Admit Pre-Approval Form if you are uncertain whether or not your intended courses will transfer for GE credit. Please list only those courses for which you intend to register. You should submit these forms to us at well before you register for classes.

No matter where you enroll for the fall semester, your goal should be to make progress toward fulfilling General Education requirements, as well as any lower-division courses that may be completed for your major.

Jessica Frey Nielsen
Executive Director, Student Development & Visitor Relations

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Nahid Razavi
Assistant Dean, Student Development Programs

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Cynthia Silvestre
Graduate Assistant, Student Development Programs

Corey Smith
Graduate Assistant, Student Development Programs


Please select a topic below:

Is there a chance I could enroll in the fall?

We understand that you expected to begin your studies in the fall semester. It may be possible if space becomes available. Availability varies from year to year. These decisions will be made in mid-May and will be based on the enrollment needs of the university, not on rankings or level of interest. Please do not send any supplementary information or petition. As long as you submit your intent to enroll online by May 1, you will be considered for any fall openings that become available.

Will I be the only one starting in the spring?

We expect to enroll 350 to 500 first-year students in the spring.

What should I do in the fall?

Your choices for the fall are as broad as your imagination. You could enroll in college or even study abroad to stay on pace to finish your degree in four years. You could also take time off to work, explore new cultures, or simply take a break. It is completely up to you! Please visit the Fall Opportunities section of the admission website to learn more.

What can I expect from USC during my time away from the university?

Student Development Programs will be your designated point of contact during your time away from the university. We will email you important information and reminders throughout the summer and fall.

Will I be able to participate in any USC organizations during the fall?

Involvement and access to other university resources will become available once you enroll in January. Proximity to campus does not dictate access to university systems or resources before you become an enrolled student.

How do I reserve my place in the spring class?

Visit to submit your intent to enroll by May 1. By August 1, you will also need to submit a $300 commitment deposit that will reserve your place in the incoming class and will be applied to your first semester’s tuition and fees.

How do I select transferrable courses for the fall semester?

Our Resources section has various tools, including a course planning worksheet, to help guide you in course selection. We also recommend you make an appointment with our staff through your application portal.

What types of classes should I be taking in the fall?

Students should make progress toward USC General Education requirements, and if possible, take the equivalent of USC’s Writing 150. Some majors may have additional, lower-division coursework students can take. All engineering spring admits should refer to the Viterbi School of Engineering Spring Admit website for help planning their coursework.

I’m in the Marshall School of Business or I’m thinking of transferring into business administration. What courses should I take?

In addition to USC General Education requirements and the equivalent of Writing 150, Marshall students or prospective Marshall students should take the equivalent of USC’s Math 118 (Fundamental Principles of Calculus) or Math 125 (Calculus I).

Will I receive college credit for having taken AP, IB or A-Level exams?

In most cases, USC will award elective credit for exam scores that indicate a high level of achievement. Some exams can earn USC course equivalence or fulfill General Education requirements. Visit the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Office’s Exam Credit website for more information.

What steps do I need to take to enroll at a community college?

Visit the website of the community college you plan to attend and submit an application. Most community colleges notify students of their admission soon after an application is received. You may be required to take placement tests and meet with a community college counselor in person or online.

If I’m starting in the spring, will it be difficult to transition to student life?

We make every effort to provide a smooth transition for students starting in the spring. When you arrive on campus in January, our Spring Welcome Experience activities will ensure you have plenty of opportunities to meet students, faculty and staff and get involved with student organizations. For more information, please visit the Welcome Experience website.

When will my transfer credits be applied to my USC degree?

Once your fall term ends, you should plan to have an official transcript sent from your institution to USC. Transcripts will be automatically sent for students studying abroad through our European and U.K. partner programs. You can find more information about how to send transcripts on the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Services website.


How does my fall GPA impact my USC GPA?

At USC, students who have completed transfer coursework will have two separate GPAs: a transfer GPA and a USC GPA. USC does not combine the two until it is time to determine academic honors at graduation. Your USC transcript will not include the actual course grades, but will show the units attempted, units earned, grade points and transfer GPA. If you apply to graduate school, medical school or law school at some point, the institutions to which you apply may request a transcript directly from the institution you attended in the fall.


How will my courses transfer to USC?

A transfer credit evaluation will be conducted after your official transcripts have been submitted. In addition to elective units, subject credit such as GE requirements, foreign language and USC course equivalence may be awarded for courses taken at regionally accredited institutions in the United States and at overseas institutions with U.S. regional accreditation. Visit the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Services website for more information.

When should I start applying for community colleges?

We recommend you apply as soon as you decide which community college you would like to attend. Many community colleges require placement exams, and classes can fill quickly. Check with your community college to see if AP exam credit can waive placement exams or course prerequisites.

Am I allowed to enroll at a community college outside the state I reside in?

Community colleges are designed to serve students in their local area and/or state. If you plan to enroll at a community college in an area where you do not reside, you may need to complete additional steps for enrollment.

How can I prepare for my arrival at my study abroad program?

We recommend reviewing our Study Abroad Booklet for more information about planning for your semester overseas. Your institution will also contact you directly. Once you arrive, each school will offer an orientation program to help you acclimate to campus life.


What housing arrangements do the study abroad programs offer?

Housing accommodations vary for each school. The American University of Paris offers apartments for students throughout the city of Paris. Anglo-American University provides student housing that is 20 minutes from the campus. John Cabot places students in university apartments within walking distance of their campus buildings. Franklin and Richmond offer dormitory-style housing for students.


I’m interested in studying abroad at one of USC’s agreement schools. What do I do?

Study abroad at one of our agreement schools is available only to students admitted to USC for the spring semester. Each school has a brief application form on their website. You can find more information and applications on our Fall Opportunities web page.


When will I find out if I’m accepted to a study abroad school?

Agreement schools typically send students an admission decision within one week of receiving their application. From there, students will work with the agreement school to complete the enrollment and student visa process.